Undying Light Release

The e-book of Undying Light is officially available to purchase or to read on Kindle Unlimited. Paperback and hardcover editions are also available almost anywhere new books are sold.


A violent attack could have marked Kaela Morrow’s end, had Terran Montgomery not intervened. The mysterious stranger, with powers of his own, saves her but is badly wounded in the process. Fearing his injuries could prove fatal, Kaela risks everything and uses her powers of light to heal him.

If discovered, they would be hunted and killed. With their secrets and their lives in each other’s hands, Terran vows to keep her safe. With no other options, Kaela reluctantly agrees.

Yet there is another.

An immortal named Seth Lazarus senses Kaela’s presence as one of his own kind, the first newly born in millennia. After another attempt is made on her life, Seth offers Kaela refuge and a job to keep her close enough to protect her, while searching for a way to teach her about her true parentage. If only Terran were not standing in his way…

No one is what they seem. Danger is closing in from all sides. How can Kaela decide who to trust with her life… when the two men protecting her don’t even trust one another?


My extended absence

I’m not sure how many of my readers have wondered just where I’ve been the last year or so. It’s a long story, so I will just start from the beginning. (as most stories do start)

I was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2020. Unfortunately it was stage 3 by the time they found it, mostly due to Covid delaying testing, but that is water under the bridge now. It’s been a rough road going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I’m feeling much better, and am not in nearly as much pain, but it may be a couple of months yet before I will know whether or not my cancer is in remission.

Unfortunately I have found being creative difficult, while I have been undergoing treatment. I am hoping to be back to completing my unfinished novels, and getting them out there soon. Prayers and good wishes are always appreciated from those who would like to send them.

I still have a rough road ahead, trying to recover not only physically, and emotionally; but financially. Many of the delays I am experiencing are unfortunately budget related. Editors do not work for free, nor should they. Healthcare in this country is not free, especially for those of us who live in rural America, when we are forced to commute three hours, both ways each day for treatment. Having to stay in a hotel on chemo day adds up quickly, when all the charity-based housing is shuttered because of the pandemic.

I wish that I had better news for you all, or happier excuses for the delay.

I’m hoping to be back in the swing of writing again in time for NaNoWriMo in November. I missed out on participating last year entirely. I’m hoping to be around writing new novels every November for years to come. Here’s hoping and praying….

Hereafter is released (throw the confetti)


My debut novel Hereafter has finally been released and is available for purchase in hardcover and e-book formats from most major retailers. There will be a softcover edition available very shortly once a technical glitch with the distributor has been resolved. If you are a blogger, I am still accepting review offers, but can presently only provide review copies in digital format. Please e-mail me at aurorawildey@yahoo.com if you are interested in either reviewing my novel, or requesting an author interview.

Here are links to some places that the novel is available for purchase. Please keep in mind that these retailers are far from your only option.

Amazon (Paperback & Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Paperback & Nook)

Kobo (e-book)

iBooks (e-book)

Hereafter Character Previews

Here are some brief descriptions of five of the central characters that you will meet in Hereafter. The blurb does give an overview of only one character, in a much bigger and more complex story, so I wanted to give some more detail about some of the other characters as well. I will be making more posts over time, closer to and after the release date about the world of Hereafter and thoughts about the story and the people that reside there.

Life here or there is rarely a black or white thing. I”ve tried to do my research and keep the characters as true to the time and culture that they are a part of as I can. I believe that to do otherwise would be doing them an incredible disservice. There seems to be especially nowadays a big push to remove and whitewash less than exemplary parts of human history. I believe it is important not to erase the bad, and only leave the good. History that is not taught cannot be learned from, and has a horrible way of repeating itself.  To quote one of my favorite lines spoken by Luke in the story: “It seems that some of us really have learned nothing.”


– Serena –

Introverted and lonely, Serena has always dreamt of finding love and a place to belong. Her abrupt arrival in the hereafter appeared to have laid waste to those hopes and dreams. Will she be able to move on, or will the pain of her past hold her back from the happiness she seeks?

– Lucy –

With knowledge well beyond her years, Lucy’s childish appearance does not belie her true age or her wisdom. Appearances can be deceiving in a world where life is lived in reverse, and childhood is the end, and no longer a beginning.

– Rune –

Can a man from the distant past adapt and live in a world far removed from any he has ever known? Will he be able to let go of the sadness and rage that drove him to his grave in his last life, and win the heart of the woman he loves?

– Jane –

Stern and guarded with her emotions, Jane’s life has never been an easy one. As a leader, she projects the desire to bring a sense of order, in what she sees as an otherwise chaotic world. Her actions speak far louder than her words.

– Luke –

Kind of heart and idealistic, Luke is as unafraid to stand up for what he believes in the hereafter, as he was in his life before as an army medic. He knows that doing what is right does not always mean doing what comes easiest. Some things are worth standing your ground for.

Phonograph Records?

Every story has its own unique quirks. For those reviewers now reading advance copies, I wanted to mention, in good humor of course, that all the phonograph records mentioned in Hereafter actually do exist. I made a list with links to youtube videos of the songs in question. I am hoping the list and this post will be a fun little ‘Easter egg” for readers to stumble upon. (at least those too young to have ever played with a good old-fashioned phonograph)

Phonograph records list from Hereafter:

When It’s Lamplighting Time In The Valley

Ain’t Misbehavin’

When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver

Whispering Hope

Talking To The Moon

Blue Moon

Mark your calendars for August 24th!

Hereafter finally has an official release date of August 24th, 2017. It will be published through KCEditions, and available for purchase worldwide, in hardcover, softcover and e-book formats. We will be doing the official cover reveal very soon. The new banner of this site is a small preview of what’s to come with that. Deranged Doctor Design did a beautiful job on the cover, and I wanted to give them some well-deserved credit for their work.

I still have lots of bookmarks available, and will be posting a mailing address soon, where you can request an autographed one free of charge, by sending me a self-addressed stamped envelope. Who would have thought there would be a waiting list for a PO Box? I am still in the middle of proofreading and last minute tweaks, trying to make sure the finished novel is the best I can possibly make it. Seeing it in print does help when spotting those tiny flaws that are easily overlooked when reading it on a computer screen. I am crossing my fingers that all the hard work will be more than worth it.

Pardon the dust there are quarters in the jukebox

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the site today, trying to get it ready for the release of Hereafter. Unlike most big-name authors, I maintain my own site, and add my own content. I’m a little too frugal to pay others to do simple things I can do well enough on my own.

I just got done participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, as part of Silver Beaver Cabin yet again. I met my goal for writing, but got far more done in the way of revision during this last month. Writing isn’t easy, it takes patience and persistence even more than it does talent. The novels that you read are the result of untold hours of rewrites and revisions. No one would dream of publishing that first very rough draft. Writing, like any skill, only gets better with practice.

I’d also been asked recently if Hereafter was written with any particular ‘soundtrack’ in mind. The answer would be yes. There are definitely songs that inspired certain parts of it. I have made a youtube playlist, and you can listen to it HERE.

I’m hoping to have the exact release date for Hereafter soon, and I will keep you posted as soon as I know when it will be up for preorder. I am presently looking for bloggers interested in receiving  advance copies for review purposes. Please email me at: aurorawildey@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Hereafter News

It is looking as if Hereafter is slated for release in late August of 2017 through Infinite Ink Press. It will be available in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats through most major online and brick and mortar bookstores. I do have promotional bookmarks available for free. If you would like one, I will be posting an address soon, where you can mail a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I will send one to you autographed free of charge. 🙂

Sorry in advance for my not-so-great photography job, they do not photograph so well in the dim light indoors, and it was raining far too heavily to try and take a photo outside. Things are presently going well, and I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month. My project is a prequel novella, that follows Lucy during the years preceding the events of Hereafter. Wish me luck. I hope that all of you that are participating have a fun and awesome experience.