Hereafter is finished!

The novel I have been pulling my hair out over the last 3 years is finally complete and off for final editing. (yes with a real live editor!) I am a bundle of nerves about this in so many ways. I don’t think I’ve been this nervous about anything in quite some time that hasn’t involved childbirth or major surgery. I still have that voice in the back of my head that only wants to nitpick every little detail apart.

Truthfully for once in my life I just want a finished book in my hands. I’ve gotten so used to people just shaking their heads at me when I tell them I’m a writer, but I have no book out there to ‘prove’ it. I’ll truthfully be happy if one person I don’t know buys the novel and actually likes it. I don’t care about making money, or even being on any bestseller list. It has been a dream of mine for many years, just to hold a finished book in my hands and be able to say I wrote it.

I am so close to the finish line here. I just need to keep going…

All first drafts suck!

Editing is for December!


Starting something new

I’ve thought about it awhile and I think maybe it’s time for a blog dedicated solely just to writing. I used to have one, but I must admit, I was very bad at actually keeping it up to date. I am hoping to improve on this.

Besides being a writer, I am many things. I am a wife, a mother to a toddler, one teenage daughter and two grown children. I am also non-furry mama to three cats. I like to write, but as with many people, the challenge is simply finding the time to do so. Life often gets in the way of creativity, and many other things as well.

Besides, this gives me yet again another place to back things up, NaNoWriMo ┬ákills computers. I don’t think I’ve finished a novel where I haven’t had a computer die on me in the process. Wish me luck, I am still trying to complete the novel I was working on through camp.

Why does everything I write have to be so complicated?